10 atypical ideas for a first date with Russian girl

Russian Secret Dating Tips and lifehacks to impress beautiful girl and have happy love life
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10 atypical ideas for a first date with Russian girl

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1) A visit to a local farmers' market: offer her time outdoors, sampling different foods and delicacies

2) Art therapy: go to an art workshop where everyone can paint - bright colours on a canvas and the freedom to create

3) Geocaching: if you like an active lifestyle, try a treasure hunt - you'll use the GPS to find hidden containers and follow the clues to find them.

4) Botanical Garden: spend a date in the fresh air in the flowers, stroll along beautiful paths and enjoy the scents of nature

5) Cooking class: learn to cook together, an interactive and fun activity that will help you get to know each other better and create delicious dishes.

6) Party with view: If you have access to a terrace with a beautiful view of the cityscape, organise a date with music, candles and delicious snacks.

7) Camping in a quest room: solve puzzles together - it will challenge your team skills and allow you to spend time together working towards a common goal.

8) Dance lessons: Attend couples dance lessons together and learn a new dance style such as salsa, tango or bachata

9) Organise a sunset picnic: prepare a plaid and a basket of food and drinks and find a nice picnic spot with a view of the sunset.

10) Playing sports: If you both love the outdoors, you could play miniature golf, try stand-up paddle boarding or rent bikes for a walk in the park.
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